Ligon Oil Co. Inc., in Norman, AR, formerly a Gulf Oil bulk plant, was first built around 1929 by Gulf Corporation. It was operated as a consignment bulk plant by various
operators from 1929-1980.

The Norman bulk plant was purchased from Gulf and incorporated by H.J. and Jene Ligon around 1980; it was thus named Ligon Oil Company. The Ligon family originally operated the plant for Gulf from 1964 to 1980 and after purchase, operated it as a family business for 4 years.

On September 29th, 1984 the Waggoner Family (Gene, Jackie, and Ronnie Waggoner) bought the company with high hopes and dreams of becoming a successful business. They started out with 2 employees, 1 bob truck, 1 tanker, and an oil warehouse/office building. Today Ligon Oil has dramatically increased to a thriving business, which now owns 7 convenience stores, 3 operating bulk plants, 5 bob-trucks, 7 semi-trucks, an oil canning facility, a bulk fuel storage plant, and employs around 50 dedicated people.
The volume of fuel sales in 1984 was approximately 125,000 gallons per month;
perseverance and dedication have enhanced volume many times.

Diamond Lakes Oil Co. in Malvern, AR was acquired in 1990. This location has the same operations as the Norman bulk plant, with the availability of 24 hr. fueling. A name change went into effect a few years later and is now entitled Ligon Oil Co.

The Mt. Ida bulk plant was purchased in 1994 from HPL Oil Company along with 2 of its convenience stores, simply for use as a storage facility instead of an operating plant, because it is located relatively close to the Norman location. Also a corporate office building was constructed at the Norman bulk plant in the same year; it was finalized and put to use on July 19th.

The Mena bulk plant was purchased in 2009 from Frost Oil Company. It has the same operations as the other bulk locations, however it also offers racing fuel to meet the stock car racer’s needs.

An acquisition of the wholesale operations of Romine Oil Company in De Queen, AR was made in November 2017. This growth increased Ligon Oil’s sales by 50% and allowed Ligon Oil to branch out into Oklahoma, Texas, and Louisiana. This acquisition included the bulk plant in De Queen along with all its wholesale accounts.

The year 2018 produced substantial growth as Ligon Oil reopened its Lubes Division and canning facility. This division offers sales and delivery of motor oils, industrial oils, gear oils, greases, DEF Fluid, and specialty items both in packaged and bulk quantities. These products are stocked at each bulk plant as needed.

Hot Springs Bulk Plant was purchased in June 2018 from National Park Petroleum. The bulk plant offers the same products and services as the other bulk locations with an emphasis on servicing Marinas around the area.

Ligon Oil’s success as a growing business is a result of heeding our customer’s suggestions on how to best meet their needs.

After years of great leadership, we remember Gene and Jackie Waggoner, as their legacy lives on in our company. Ligon Oil still thrives today, under the direction of its owner and President Ronnie Waggoner along with his dedicated, administrative staff.